Since 2010, CERS has been collaborating with the Yung Yau College of Hong Kong in the making of animation films. Student groups, usually five students to a group and generally from Form 3 to 5, would join CERS at our various project sites during their summer vacations. Through immersing themselves with the local community and interaction with the CERS team, the students would select a theme of their choice, usually related to a CERS conservation project, to create a unique animation film.

This series of films, eight in total as of 2014, have won dozens of international awards. They succeeded in providing a new way of bringing the CERS message to a wider public. These films have also become a hallmark of conservation efforts and inspiration for other young people.



Latest film created by students of Yung Yau College illustrates the near crisis situation of bee colonies in the world. Due to use of pesticide and degradation of our environment and constraints from expanding human habitation, bees which are crucial to pollination of many species of fruits and food plants on our planet is under threat and disappearing. A reversal of trend can only be achieved through more conscientious care of our natural world.
Yak is a plateau animal essential to all aspects of livelihood for the Tibetan nomads. However the use of yak milk to make cheese is a rather new experiment. CERS, in conjunction with cheese expert from America, tried and successfully harnessed yak milk in high altitude to produce a quality yak cheese. This has become a model of social enterprise in Shangri-la of Yunnan.


  • 16th Auburn International Film Festival for Children and Young Adults - Audience Choice Award - Best short film by young adults 15-22 years old
  • 2012/13 The Hong Kong Budding Innovators Award (Digital Media) - The best animation award and the best original screenplay award
  • IT Challenge 2013 International Animation Competition by Monash University, Melbourne, Australia – Film International Category - 1st Place
  • DMDIY 2013 Hong Kong Schools Digital Media Competition – High School Animation Category - 2nd Place
“Birthday Present” is an animation film on conservation made for CERS by students of Yung Yau College, a high school in Hong Kong. Students visited CERS project sites in the Tibetan region of China and was inspired by the many types of moth within a small area. The film took top prize at the 2nd VAFI International Children and Youth Animation Film Festival in Varaždin, Croatia.


  • 2011 International Student Media Festival in Jacksonville, Florida (USA) – Judges' Favorite Award Excellence in Media Production (Animation Category)
  • VAFI – 2nd International Children and Youth Animation Film Festival Varaždin (Croatia) – 2nd Place in "MAXI" Category Youth from 15-18 years
  • Digital Media DIY 2011 (Hong Kong) – 3D Computer Animation Secondary School Division - The Champion
  • 14th Auburn International Film Festival - Children and Young Adults (Australia) – Finalist (15-22 years old)
  • 10th International Film Festival Nueva Mirada - Children and Youth (Argentina) – Finalist
The Tibetan Antelope is a unique plateau animal under threat from poachers seeking their very fine wool. Since the 1990s, CERS has been involved in the research and conservation of this endangered animal.


  • 2012 International Student Media Festival in Louisville, Kentucky (USA) - Best of Festival (Animation Category)
  • The Lahore International Children’s Film Festival (Pakistani) - Finalist
  • 2011/12 The Hong Kong Budding Innovators Award (Digital Media) (Hong Kong) - Gold Award, Best Directing, Best Animation/After Effect

The Snub-nosed Golden Monkey is a highly endangered animal roaming the high elevation forests between northwestern Yunnan and southeastern Tibet. Their numbers have dwindled to approximately 2000 animals in the wild. This is the only primate, other than man, known to live up to 4000 meters. CERS is involved in a concerted effort to protect this rare animal.


  • 10th Annual International Student Film Festival Hollywood (USA): Best High School Animation
  • 2012 International Student Media Festival in Louisville, Kentucky (USA): Excellence in Media Production(Animation Category)
  • 3rd International Festival of Animated Film for Youth and Children - AniFest ROZAFA (Albania): The Champion
  • 11th. Nueva Mirada International Film Festival For Children And Youth (Argentina): Finalist
  • IT Challenge 2012 - “3D Maya/Max Competition” International Category (Australia): 1st Place – 3D Maya/Max International Category

Students of Yung Yau College visited Hainan island.at Hong Shui Village deep inside the mountains of Bawangling. They observed the passing of the traditional culture, especially hunting practices, of the minority Li people and created the animation film "Reformed Hunter".

With the forests depleted and animals disappearing, new policy prohibits hunting. The Li struggled to hang on to memories of bygone days, by reforming themselves and teaching their young ones how to use some relics of the past.


  • 14th Auburn International Film Festival - Children and Young Adults (15-22 years old) (Australia) – Finalist