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During designated times in the summer and winter, CERS provides opportunities for internship of both high school and college age students. Usually such interns would be staying at CERS project sites and facilities over a period of several weeks. The hands-on experience provides a unique chance to interact with many of our field workers and scientists.


An intern taking notes at the Yak Cheese site

To satisfy our education mission, once a year CERS open its many project sites during the summer to take in a small and selective number of student interns from both colleges and high schools. In the past, students from many elite schools including Ivy League ones have joined our program. Interns would stay at our own accommodations and gain hands-on experience in conservation to nature, wildlife research or cultural heritage preservation.  Our program stresses innovative approach in problem solving, alternative thinking, and multi-disciplinary methodology. Many students finish the program discovering about their own hidden potentials while conducting some worthy projects under the supervision of CERS scholars and staff.

For the summer of 2011, students would be based at three sites in Yunnan, namely the Zhongdian (Shangri-la) Center, the Yak Cheese Factory, and the Golden Monkey/Lisu Hill Tribe site. Each site offers a unique experience and students may get a chance to assist in the set up of exhibits at various CERS theme museums in the vicinity. They would also read up about CERS case studies of projects, reviewing the many documentary films made by mainstream media about our work history, including those made by CNN, Discovery Channel, Al Jazeera, and others.

Helping staff to measure an indeginous hut at our Hainan site

Helping staff to measure an indeginous hut at our Hainan site

In other years, or seasons like during Easter or Winter break, interns occasionally get to visit and stay at our other sites, like the Tibetan Mastiff Kennel/Sacred Mountain, the Mekong Clinic/Teahouse, the Tibetan Nunnery, or even the Hainan Island Li Village. In the future, our site in Myanmar may become available as well. A very few lucky ones even got accepted into our expedition of exploration in the past.

CERS charges a standard fee for this exclusive internship, but each year, we also offer many scholarships to provide this unique opportunity to students from deprived background or with limited resources.