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Founder And History


Wong How Man, Founder and President of the China Exploration & Research Society (CERS), was born and raised in Hong Kong, and educated in the United States in Journalism and Art. Wong’s career in China began in 1974, first as a journalist, later as an explorer/writer/photographer for National Geographic, and since 1986 as head of the non-profit organization CERS.

He has led many multi-disciplinary expeditions first for the National Geographic and later for CERS. He has been credited with, among other accomplishments, the discovery of a new source for the Yangtze River. In 2002 Time Magazine chose Wong as one of its 25 Asian Heroes, calling Wong “China’s most accomplished living explorer.” He has also received many awards for his books and the conservation projects he conceived and directed. Supported by governments, foundations, individuals and corporations, his work has been disseminated widely by major international media, including Discovery Channel, BBC, CNN, National Geographic, ABC, CNBC, CCTV, etc.
Wong How Man, Founder and President of CERS

Wong How Man, Founder and President of CERS

Wong How Man using an alternate mode of transport in the early days of CERS

CERS draws from the collective experience of a select and dedicated Board of Directors drawn from diverse sectors of our community. These individuals are all person of high integrity, are successful in each of their respective professions and in civic or public service. Together, they provide guidance and policy direction, including internal governance and external outreach, to the organization.

CERS’ vision is to become a model for equitable conservation, complementing sustainable development in the 21st Century. Pilot projects we undertake, though geographically located in China, should allow for replication or serve as case studies for other parts of the world. The spirit of exploration, exemplified by our innovative approach to answering the problems we encounter, permeates all aspects of our organization. It is this spirit, inherent to all mankind, which CERS seeks to perpetuate.