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Burmese Cat Café

Elegance in Motion – The new pure breds strolling around the breeding center

CERS’ close partner at Inle Lake, Myanmar turned a historical and traditional Burmese house into a Burmese Cat Café in order to create a permanent home for the 24 Burmese Cats that have been reintroduced to their original home by CERS.

The Cat Café has become a must-stop for tourists arriving at Inle Lake. Pamphlets inform visitors from all over the world that the cats are the regal Burmese cats to whom they should pay respect. Tribute in donation is welcomed, but signs posted warn visitors from feeding the cats, as pets they are not.

There is ample space for visitors to sip tea, enjoy light snacks, or even watch a documentary film about the evolution of this Cat Project. A library and reading room is stocked with books on Myanmar including many history and antiquity books. Many books on cats from around the world are secured inside a bookcase. There are many comic books with cats as the main theme, including a Garfield Webster Dictionary.