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Hainan Hongshui Site

Overview – The site planning with its proposed zones

In March 2007, Hongshui village was to be replaced by cement and brick houses which the government encouraged as substitutes for the traditional “makeshift” architecture. To preserve the last intact traditional village of the indigenous Li people of Hainan, CERS appealed to the government and was returned with a proposal to preserve the village’s thatch-roofed houses by developing alternatives uses. From then on, CERS has been working in Hongshui village to achieve this goal.

The first phase is finished with nine houses restored, including three done quite nicely, turning traditional sheds into resort-like villa models. A large team of student interns went during the summer and collected objects for the future museum exhibits, to be created as a second phase by modifying five to six thatch-roofed houses. One of these houses would become a small theater showing documentary films which focus on a number of topics, from eclipsing culture and tradition to documenting the socio-economic impacts on the villagers.

The third phrase would be most challenging: to maintain some select activities and keep some cultural aspects alive, and be at the same time economically sustainable. Now CERS is working towards this goal.