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Tibetan Mastiff Kennel

Success – How Man is holding two newly bred Mastiff puppies

The Tibetan Mastiff is one of the most ancient of dog breeds. Fearless and huge in size, they have been used as guard dogs for centuries by the nomads of the plateau. In recent years however the stock of pure-bred Tibetans mastiffs has declined as other dogs brought in by outsiders from the lowlands mix with the mastiffs.

CERS has created a controlled breeding program to maintain the true breed of Tibetan Mastiff and protect their unique and ancient gene pool. The Tibetan Mastiff Kennel is located in Deqen County at an altitude of 3,500m, opposite to the Meili Snow Mountain range. It keeps more than 15 pure-bred Tibetan mastiffs from throughout the Tibetan plateau.

The dogs are serving as studs to maintain the bloodline. Their descendants will be given systematically to Tibetan families in order to re-populate the plateau with these majestic dogs. Through these efforts, the marvelous breed of canine may someday uphold the integrity of the plateau again.