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Tibetan Nunnery

Nuns congregating in the assembly hall with its beautiful murals

Dongjulin is the only Tibetan nunnery in the Tibetan region of Yunnan Province.

The nunnery’s assembly hall dates back over two centuries and includes some important murals. Both the building and the murals are deteriorating and under threat of collapse. CERS aims to restore the entire structure while providing new dormitories for the nuns.

Between 1999 and 2003, four new buildings have been constructed. These facilities also provide space for a communal kitchen, a small clinic and a sundry store maintained by the nuns. Further construction will provide additional housing for the nuns. These new facilities will also shelter visiting pilgrims, and the income generated will provide financial sustenance for the nunnery. Today, over 120 nuns reside in the nunnery.