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2023 HKU Winter Education Program Reading List


Rinchen Sadutshang. Life in Lhasa. A life Unforeseen: pp.15-26

Wong How Man (2003). Shangri-La in Shangri-La. Holy Mountain, Hidden Valley: pp.45-49

Wong How Man (2003). Bio-diversity in our Midst. Holy Mountain, Hidden Valley: pp.12-19

Wong How Man (2003). Exploration, a Science or an Art, a Necessity, or a Luxury. Holy Mountain, Hidden Valley: pp.89-97

Wong How Man (2003). Rural Education Dilemma. Voyage of Discovery: pp.43-51 

Eliza Adams (2012). Plans Change, so be Open to Anything. China Exploration and Research Society Newsletter: 12(4), pp.8-9

Interns and Teachers (2013 and 2014). CERS Education/Internship Special Issue. China Exploration and Research Society Newsletter: 15(4):


Wong How Man (2003). Mission on the Roof. Culture at Heart: pp.19-38

Wong How Man (2003). Heart Left in Tibet. Culture at Heart: pp.39-54

Wong How Man (2009). Eclipse of a Missionary. Tales from Ancient Kingdom: pp. 215-225

Wong How Man (2007). Bridge over the Mekong. Voyage of Discovery: pp.58-67

Wong How Man (2007). Heaven too Close. Voyage of Discovery: pp.78-91

Zhongyun Zhang. 茨中天主教堂的历史与现状研究.

Mingyong Glacier, Deqin

Wong How Man (2002). Serious Jokes. Culture at Heart: pp.145-154

Wong How man (2000). Fast Track to Heaven. Closer to heaven: pp.111-124

Jason Kan (2012). Glacier. China Exploration and Research Society Newsletter: 14(4), pp.3-5

John Studley (2013). Wild Divinities. China Exploration and Research Society Newsletter

James Hansen (2009). Black Soot and the Survival of Tibetan Glacier.

Anja Byg & Jan Salick (2009). Local Perspectives on a Global Phenomenon-Climate Change in Eastern Tibetan Villages. Elsevier

Conor Friedersdorf (2009). Can this Photograph of a Himalayan Glacier Persuade People that Climate Change is Happening?. The Atlantic

B.B. Baker & R. K. Moseley (2007). Advancing Treeline and Retreating Glaciers: Implications for Conservation in Yunnan, P.R. China. Regents of University of Colorado


Wong How Man (2001). A Tale of Two Nunneries. Closer to Earth: pp.83-96

Christa Isolde Moser & Michael J. Moser (2005). Ta Ba Lin: A Tibetan Nunnery Today. Henri Vetch (Hong Kong) Ltd. (Book can be accessed at Zhongdian Center)

刘鋆 (2004). 八十七个尼姑与一个男人. 允晨文化实业股份有限公司 Book can be accessed at Zhongdian Center

Li Xueyou, W.V.Bleisch & Jiang Xuelong (2014) Unveiling a wildlife haven: occupancy and activity patterns of mammals at a Tibetan sacred mountain. European Journal of Wildlife Research (2018) 64:53.

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